what takes place in child counseling !
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There is a misconception among the people that specialists ask weird questions to the children during the child counselling. However, if your child has been diagnosed with autism after the melbourne child psychology you will have to assure that he takes an active part in the counseling if you want him to be better. Most of the time in the child counseling the parents has to be a part of the program. The specialists will ask different questions to the parents about the child, his development, and behavior. Most of the time the same questions are asked to the children but in a way that they will think it is a fun activity. When the child is called alone most of the questions are about his life, what affects him and how he deals with different situations. There is no such thing as a stupid question if you take your child to a true specialist. The therapist will arrange special fun activities to assure that the child will not get bored and they will actively participate. Ensure that you attend all the meeting where you are needed so that you will know about the progress of your child.

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